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Funeral buffets




At this sad and difficult time, we can offer you a quality catering service, which is both sensitive and discreet.

The following are suggestions of what we can offer, but we can of course adjust menus to suit your specific needs.

Please do not hesitate to call us on the number below at any time including evenings and weekends.


The following menus can be provided at home or in a local hall. Prices are fully inclusive of transport and labour fee.

China crockery is included for serviced buffets.

Disposable platters and plates are normally provided for “delivery only” although china can be provided for a small supplement.


Where we are providing waiter service, we will be pleased to serve any drinks provided by yourself for no extra corkage or labour fee.

Otherwise we are able to provide drinks and glasses.  

Funeral Buffet A - Waiter service £11.50. Delivery only £9.50

Chicken strips with sweet chili

Tomato concassee and mixed herb pastry bites

Various quiche squares (some vegetarian)

Baby sausages with honey & mustard sauce

Asssorted sandwiches (white & wholemeal bread)

Raw vegetable sticks with blue cheese dip and guacamole

Miniature pork pies and Scotch eggs


Funeral Buffet B  - Waiter service £14.50, Delivery only £12.00                                                            

Miniature Quiche Lorraine and vegetarian quiche

Samosas & Pakoras with Chutney

Assorted Dim Sum with Thai chilli dressing

Sausage rolls


Raw vegetable batons with two dips of your choice                                                                                                                     

Curried egg Mimosa

Filled pastry tartlets (Prawn Marie-Rose,  Chicken in lemon & herb mayonnaise, Taramasalata,  Tuna & olive)

Danish-style open sandwiches on baguette & crispbreads (Beef & gherkin, smoked salmon, Brie & tomato, Selsey crab, Egg mayonnaise & anchovy)
Assorted sweet canapes
Funeral Fork Buffet C - Waiter service £13.50, Delivery only £11.50
Coronation chicken
Mediterranean vegetable and pasta salad (v)
Indian rice salad, chopped mixed salad,
Crispy cottage loaf with butter
Chocolate profiteroles
Fresh fruit salad